Welcome to my newest, albeit temporary venture, Lost Episode A Day. If you've followed me over from Horror Movie A Day (and no, HMAD will NOT be on hiatus or interrupted during this time - and it will always come first), then you already know my deal. If not, then let's break it down:

We're gonna start tomorrow, September 22nd, which is 6 years to the day/date from the day the show premiered (it's also the day Flight 815 left Sydney). Each day I will watch an episode of Lost (or 2 episodes - I'd like to get through this in a Lost-centric 108 days, which means doubling up 13 times to account for all 121 episodes) and then write about it. Not necessarily a review, or a plot recap, but just sort of a general reaction to it and discussion of a few things that caught my fancy. And then I will encourage you to chime in with your own thoughts.

The difference is, I've seen every episode already (unlike HMAD where the movies are ones I haven't seen yet). So why bother? Well A. I wanted to rewatch the entire series over anyway, now that it's done. Unlike most TV shows, Lost had pretty much the same creative team and core cast throughout its run, and things set up in the first season didn't get paid off until the final one (Adam and Eve, for example). So it will be interesting (hopefully!) to watch them all again with all of the context and answers (the ones we got anyway). And B. I'm insane and am under the impression that I can add yet another daily "thing" to an already over-crowded plate. I like a challenge.

Also I like looking at Evangeline Lilly and this is a hell of a lot better than that overrated Hurt Locker nonsense, in which she barely appears anyway.

So I hope you dig the site, and if so, tell your friends! I planned to watch all the episodes over, but writing reactions to each one was sort of a new "spark", and since the show is over it's not like there are a lot of folks seeking out new Lost-related sites to add to the 15 million that already exist. Namaste!

Where are we?


  1. So thought this said "Last Episode a Day" and thought...oh cool...he's reviewing series finales. Not so much LOL!

  2. Awesome, I'll love your BC-spin on Lost :D

    Also, for your doubling will that be the 2 parters? (Because otherwise you'll be watching them half on separate days)

  3. Most of the two parters have a 2 hr (well, 85 minute) episode so probably not, as that would be a huge time-taker. I'll probably double on episodes that kind of suck, i.e. when I get to the one about Jack's tattoos, I'll watch the next one too just to wipe the stink away, LOL.