Lost Episode A Day FAQ

1. Who are you?

I'm a big fan of Lost that has too much free time on his hands. Since I have so much fun doing Horror Movie A Day, I figured I'd make a "spinoff" site for Lost, since I wanted to re-watch the entire series again anyway now that they're all on DVD. Also, I wanted to try writing regularly about something besides horror for a while.

2. Are you really watching one every day?

Yes. One per day, sometimes two, in order to get the entire 121 episode run watched in a Lost-centric 108 days. After that the site will be "complete" and I'll find something else to do.

3. What's up with the videos at the end of the review?

On HMAD I always put the trailer at the end. But that would be kind of boring for a TV show, and I assume not every episode has a promo on Youtube. So I search for the name of the episode and then pick the most obscure or random match. But also, since Lost fans love to find the hidden meaning in things, I hope someone comes up with an alternate theory for them.

4. What's with the ads on the side?

I live paycheck to paycheck while doing something that is hopefully entertaining folks. Ideally I'd make a few cents in return. Plus all Lost fans should own Via Domus, why should I be the only one that has suffered?!?!

5. Who's your favorite character?

I don't really have one. I love everyone for a different reason.

6. Don't lie, it's Kate.

True. But for reasons that have nothing to do with Lost. See here for further explanation.

7. Why does every review end with "Where are we?"

On HMAD I end all reviews with "What say you?", because I don't always like writing a big sum up at the end of the review. Sometimes I just want to just stop writing once I've said everything I have to say on the matter. So I put "What say you?" so people would know it was indeed the end of the review and not just me hitting "post" too soon or something. So this is an extension of that, albeit reworded to be more Lost-y.

8. On HMAD you review the bonus features - why aren't you doing that for Lost?

Two reasons. 1. Christ almighty, I need to sleep SOMETIME. 2. The re-watching is more of a way to see how the show plays as one long narrative (if I had the time I would watch as many as I could back to back and be done in two weeks or so). So watching all the bonus stuff would just break up the flow, I think. Maybe if the site becomes popular I'll keep it going a little longer by reviewing the bonus disc for each DVD season or something (the commentaries I've listened to are mostly dull anyway).

9. I don't read HMAD, so again, who are you?

My name is Brian. I'm originally from Massachusetts, but now I live in Los Angeles, where I work in the graphics department at NBC. I also work as an editor/reviewer/journalist for Bloody Disgusting, the world's biggest horror website. I have two cats, a wife, and a lot of debt. And I once met Bruce Willis.

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