That's A Wrap!

Well, that's it. All 121 hours, plus "New Man In Charge" and Lost: Via Domus have been written up and discussed - the site is thus "complete". Feel free to continue leaving comments (as they need to be approved, I read them all!), and of course if you just enjoy my writing (HAH!) I'm still continuing on over at Horror Movie A Day, which unlike Lost has no end. And if it does, it will be one that satisfies more than annoys, I hope.

I'd like to thank everyone who has checked out the site, and a special thanks to Brett, The Pearl, Mike Snoonian, Pyro, Jonathan, Keith, and everyone else who offered up their own take on a few episodes. And, goes without saying, thanks to Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, ABC, and the rest of the cast/crew of the show for providing me with something to enjoy immensely and obsess over (albeit in a limited way compared to some folks) for 6+ years. Namaste!


  1. Thanks for writing this! I came to Lost late in the game (December 2009, to be exact), so it was a lot of fun to get a true fan's insight.

  2. thought you would find this funny.