"The Brig"

DECEMBER 6, 2010

AIRED: MAY 2, 2007

As much as I love Lost, I never really got into the message board culture of the show, reading theories and what not. If I had, the big revelation in "The Brig" would have been "spoiled" long before, because apparently it was a pretty popular theory amongst fans. Even with the constant "Hey look, these folks all ran into one another before they even got on the plane!" stuff, I never made the connection that Locke's con man father could be the same con man that led to Sawyer's parents death. I think I figured it out when Richard told Locke to "keep reading", which is like what, 4 minutes before its revealed on the show? Nice detective work, BC.

Great episode. I usually enjoy Locke episodes, and this one's above average (somewhat due to the fact that since his flashbacks are all on-island, we are spared his goofy wig), as it encapsulates everything that makes him a fascinating character - he's special, but he's also weak. And it's great fun to see him caught in the middle of a very underplayed power struggle between Richard and Ben - not too many shows would reduce one of their main characters to a pawn in a war we don't yet understand (and in some ways never do).

I also like the scene at the end between Locke and Sawyer, where Sawyer asks him about his disability being real. At times, you can tell Sawyer really respects Locke, and here he seems like he's looking for a way to bond with him, realizing that both of their lives have been fucked up because of the same guy. But Locke is too busy on his "destiny" to take the opportunity, which is kind of a bummer.

And really, Cooper is one of the most detestable human beings I've ever seen in a show. The guy just doesn't have a single shred of humanity in him. You'd think being captured and brought somewhere would humble him enough to at least ACT civil toward his son, but no, he mocks and taunts Locke as if he's not currently tied up, and then does the same to Sawyer even when facing certain death. But Kevin Tighe is such a good actor, he never becomes cartoonish - I truly believe this guy is a real person, and a total asshole.

Also, these scenes take place on the Black Rock, which is home to my favorite Rousseau moment of all time. Locke is sitting outside while Sawyer beats on Cooper, and then Rousseau just strolls in looking for dynamite. It's funny enough, but the fact that she doesn't seem to care about the obvious violence occurring a few feet away makes it even funnier, almost like we're watching a crossover scene from an all Rousseau episode. Another funny bit is Cooper's theory that they are in hell, which even with my message board abstinence I knew was a popular theory. Sawyer's reaction pretty much works as a meta-response to the theory - no way (not til Season 6!).

Another funny moment occurs when Sayid and Hurley are playing with the satellite phone, where Hurley asks about the fact that 815 has been found with everyone dead, and Sayid replies "One thing at a time." I love that! Sayid doesn't have time for nonsense, he just tries to solve matters at hand. And his little power play concerning no one telling Jack about Naomi ("Good.") is also quite well played. In fact, I wish they had gone further with the idea of Sayid being a leader of the Survivors - it would have created an interesting dynamic and given Naveen Andrews more to do. Especially in retrospect; if there was any character completely ruined by the show's 6th season, it was him. At least if they had developed him as a leader in seasons 3 and 4, it wouldn't have been so bad.

Tomorrow - Ben flashbacks!

Where are we?

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