NOVEMBER 1, 2010


It became more common once I got a better (my current) job, but “Collision” was, I think, the first time I didn’t watch an episode of Lost live, because I was at work at my cushy new Best Buy gig. On this particular night, while learning the ropes, I met William Fichtner and heard a disgusting story about how Best Buy (at least, this particular branch) was handling the then-new Xbox 360 demand when it came to celebrities who had reserved them. See, the store had “reserved” more systems than they actually got, so some folks were left empty-handed even with a deposit. But instead of a “first come first serve” policy, they were using a “if you starred in Spider-Man or I, Robot and reserved one, it will be here forever while the little guy gets turned away” policy. Nice. Wonder if they ever got them.

Anyway, I didn't get to watch it until around 11:30 pm or so, once I got home and discarded my nice royal blue shirt (the fact that I was 25 and back to wearing a uniform was more depressing than the 3 figure sum on my first check). Luckily it was a “happy ending” episode, with Michael being reunited with Vincent (aw), Rose being reunited with Bernard (awwww!), and Jin being reunited with Sun (AWWWW-*Blows nose*-WWWWWWWWWW!). And it has its (minor) share of “light” moments, such as Jack and Kate playing golf (if Eko didn’t interrupt them, they totally would have boned on the makeshift putting green, right?), or Locke’s hilariously bewildered reaction to Eko (“...Hello.”). So I cheered up.

Since I’m not the biggest Ana Lucia fan, I wasn’t really excited about having an episode for her, but it’s a decent back-story, with some explanation for why she’s such a pain in the ass (she was shot on duty and lost her unborn child), though curiously it doesn’t explain why she was in Sydney (or even that she ever WAS there, period), which is usually the MO for the first flashback episode of a character. And I’m actually blanking on the reason now, come to think of it. But it’s always nice to see Rachel Ticotin, and they did a good job at making Hawaii look like LA (though not the areas they mention – when her and her partner are driving, it looks like North Hollywood to me, not Westwood as they say).

The episode also features what I believe is the 4th instance of Jack telling Kate to help him with some sort of medical issue, only to yell “Kate!” when she doesn’t get a move on right away. You’d think after 2 times he’d stop having her help and just make sure Sun or even Charlie was nearby whenever he had to play doctor (also, just curious – was Ben the first “patient” he was able to use his spinal expertise on the island? Seems his skills are largely spent fixing bullet wounds and leg fractures). But it’s also got one of my favorite little moments ever on the show, when Locke comes to see what’s going on and Jack (of all people) has to remind him to push the button. So awesome.

And you gotta feel for Jack here. Again, he was basically on a date with Kate, but then Sawyer took all of her attention. Hell she even cradled him and kissed his forehead right in front of Jack. Time to hit some of that Dharma vodka, eh doc? Oddly, the show sort of hints at a further relationship between him and Ana Lucia, but if memory serves they don’t really develop it any further. She does nail Sawyer though, which I guess can be construed as another setback for Jack’s lack of an island sex life. Sawyer hooks up three times (Ana, Kate, and Juliet) while he’s there; Jack just gets a few makeouts. Tough break.

Also, did they get a bigger music budget this year? Shannon’s episode had Dave Matthews Band, and this week has Staind. Weird to hear really popular modern songs on the show.

Where are we?


  1. I love the final moment of the show when Jack finally sees Ana Lucia. It is beautifully somber.

  2. And Melina from Total Recall is Ana-Lucia's mom!